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Service now extended to Queenstown.  Yes that is right, the Service ANZED is famous for can now be experienced in

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A Local Family owned and opperated business in Christchurch, the Gateway to New Zealand’s South Island and Now Queenstown!

Welcome to ANZED, a local family run Car Rental Company, where service and value come together. (ANZED, Said

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AN-ZED, because in New Zealand we say Zed, Not Zee. And it stands for Aotearoa New Zealand Rentals Cars Ltd. A registered

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When you deal with ANZED the price is the price, we won’t add on more because you arrived by plane, or because you didn’t come by plane.  I will pick you

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up free of charge, within Christchurch City. (During office hours) This includes meeting your flight.

Likewise we won’t charge you anything additional just because you have children, Child seats are complimentary.  Even if you would prefer to pay by Visa or Mastercard we won’t add a little more on, what you see is what you get. (Charged,  but not always everything you will get)

Rather than adding on costs at

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ANZED I like to add service, – “need a Chilly Bin?” (Esky, Cooler Box) no problem, would you like an Ice pack with that? Cost $0.00. Rice cooker? Sure, that will be $0.00 thank you – try us for whatever your needs are and see how we can make your

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holiday that much better.

At ANZED you can expect friendly personal service, reliable well presented cars, which are practical and very well maintained. With a model to suit your needs.  We are a local business

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with a strong tradition for exceptional service, we have never desired to be the biggest, but we always aspire to be

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