Hello world!

                                                                                                                                                   Well the New Logo is getting a great response.  Since the beginning of Summer last year I have been working on a Logo, looking at many ideas.  How do you capture the essence of a company in a simple way.

First I wanted to incorporate the bush, roads, Mountains, rivers and beeches, but that was just too much, and didn’t show us as a rental car company.  Then it was trying to find a car shape that worked with the terrain and wouldn’t age.  Months went by and concept after concept passed.  With a new Summer on the way things were getting urgent, I didn’t want the dated Logo, that has served ANZED so well for the past 16yrs, to be the first thing potential customers saw when they encountered ANZED. I wanted something fresh, something with a little style and something simple.  With a new advertising campaign opportunity looming I needed to get this sorted.  Enter Seth, thanks for your help and guidance mate, with a little push a design was settled on and developed.

Inspiration was drawn from several quarters but largely the shape is based on the timeless profile of my faithful old Datsuns, early seventies S30 240Z & 260Z, more on those in future posts. (Zed, not Zee, are you seeing the link with ANZED?)

What I wanted was something that wouldn’t date, would be appealing today and in the future, something that would suit different colours and also Mono-Chrome.  The Shape is new for ANZED, in the past we have focused on sensible cars for Sensible People, this will continue, but for the 2018/19 Summer we are introducing what will hopefully be the first of a line of FUN vehicles, vehicles that will bring a smile to your face, a bounce to your step and a flutter to your heart.  Cars that will make it as much about the journey as the destination.

New Zealand must be one of the best Self Drive destinations in the world, so why wouldn’t you want to enjoy it in something a little special, something a little different, something you have always wanted to drive.

I have loved the past 9 months, meeting so many awesome people, sharing in their Antipodean Adventure and hearing of their great experiences.  I look forward the coming season, adding more interesting and updated vehicles and of course meeting even more friends as they experience our beautiful country.