Why Us

ANZED is not your cookie cutter rental company, at ANZED the goal is the most trouble free, enjoyable visit to what we believe is the most unique place on earth.

I am a local, and am happy to give you the low down, I’ll tell you what I know, point you in the direction of my favourite places, share my local knowledge, so you can have the most Awesome visit to what I think is the most Wonderful country in the world.  You can expect personal service, from the boss.  With sightseeing tips, a free map, advice on where to get fuel cheapest or groceries at the best price, the sort of things you would expect from a local.  If you ask we may even have a fuel discount card for you that works for discounts at the supermarket too.  (A wee reward for those of you that have taken the time to read about us).  Oh and Ask me where the Best Ice-creams are rolled, who has the best Fish and Chips, or make the best pies!

Customers often return saying it was so beautiful, then we drove over the hill…and Wow!  (Wow…Wow! ‘Rinse and Repeat’)

The scenery is ever changing, as Andrew from Toronto said, “We have seen more in 3 hours than you would see in 3 weeks driving in Canada”.  I am not wanting to bag Canada, it is one of my favourite spots in the world, what is special about New Zealand is that everything is so close, accessible and varied. One valley semi-desert, the next Green and lush – rolling hills with Cows and Sheep, then the next Carved out of Granite by an ancient Glacier, or maybe the Glacier is still there, and just a short walk away.  Lakes, Bush, Rain forests, Gardens and manicured lawns, sand dunes for miles, you name it, it’s probably just around the corner.  And did I mention the beaches?

They say New Zealand is a young country, this is true in at least 2 ways, People have only lived here hundreds of years, not thousands, leaving only a small footprint, and hardly any mark at all on the West Coast of our South Island, so it is not worn out, it’s young, but also it is Geographically Young, with many amazing features to explore and marvel at.  Another great thing about New Zealand is that it is not extremely commercialised. Sure if you want everything guided there are plenty of options, but if you would rather move at your own pace, see what interests you, wander with the dirt beneath your feet, there are many many places no-one will be, no-one, let alone someone trying to charge you for being there or sell you something.

My passions are people and cars, so Rental cars seems like a logical place to end up. (and of course New Zealand is also a passion, especially the scenic South Island).  I do not come from a corporate back ground, I spent 25 years working with disadvantaged youth, helping them have the best experience of life.  It is this background that informs my business practice, and I guess one reason we get the reviews we do.  Please feel free to check out Rankers.co.nz to see what many of our customers have said.

The opinion shared in a line from Christian’s review in June 2018 sums up my goal…”The bottom line is that we can’t recommend Anzed highly enough. They really are fantastic — they offer brilliant value for money, and their customer service is in a completely different league from your standard large-chain car rental companies. We’ll definitely use them again if we return to NZ.” – ANZED is a New Zealand experience, sorry you have to come here to experience us, We won’t disappoint, and neither will the scenery.

We are a family owned and owner operated company.  What this means is you are dealing with someone who cares, I care for the cars, I care for the country and I care for  you asthe customer.  You won’t get some 20 something who hasn’t been there or done that, maybe not even able to drive, or who has never driven outside the city.  I love driving and have extensive experience in most conditions you are likely to encounter in New Zealand.  It is my aim you will get the most enjoyment from your time here, and hopefully experience the New Zealand I know and love, not necessarily just the one on the glossy advert.

With all this in mind we have a fleet of very well maintained vehicles selected to meet custom needs, not my personal preferences, although thankfully I am very pragmatic and these often line up.  At ANZED you can expect to get a great deal on what you need.  We don’t replace our cars every 4 months, creating a problem for the world as more and more cars are created.  Our cars are late model, low mileage efficient and safe, you are not paying for someone else’s new car, but you are going to get a nice, clean, tidy and reliable car that you can enjoy, not worrying about someone waiting to hit you with huge insurance fees at the end of the rental, for hard to see scratches they don’t intend to fix.  Real cars

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for real people at ANZED, well presented, tidy, cars you can take with you, where you want to go.

So why do we get the reviews?  What is it that makes ANZED as unique and this wonderful country?  It must be the service, the extras, while others are looking to up sell, to add extras to increase commissions and profits, to add ‘Products of the Month’  I am looking to add service, to offer real added value, practical things that will increase the experience, not the cost.  Mostly these are free of charge, and simple things, like an umbrella, a Thermos flask or rain repellent for the windscreen.  (Thi is a bit of a misnomer really though, it doesn’t actually repel the rain, I have tried it, it doesn’t work, it still rains, especially on the West Coast.)  What it does is it makes the rain run off the windscreen, increasing safety and enjoyment.  All our cars are treated with Rain Ex, a wonderful product I have used for years, whether I have been racing, rallying or just traveling all over, it is a great added safety feature.

I look forward to meeting you when you come to New Zealand, you will not regret a visit here, the roads are generally very good, easy to drive and well maintained.  The scenery is awesome, with some unique but ceertainly very varied spots, but I think it is more about how easy it is to access.  In as little as Two weeks and you will have had a world tour, right in my back yard, such is the variety.  Christchurch is the gateway to our South Island and ANZED is your local who is willing to take the time to ensure you have the best experience possible, whether it is the beaches, lakes, mountains, climbing, hiking, kayaking, walking, skiing or cycling that attracts you, with an ANZED rental car you will find much more on the road in-between than you ever imagined.

The best way to see New Zealand is throught the Windscreen of an ANZED Rental Car.