FAQ What you want to know!

How much does it cost to add a driver? $0

Additional drivers are encouraged, as it makes it safer and more enjoyable for everyone. To make this more achieveable I do not charge you for what I think is common sense.

What if the Driver is under 25? Still $0

Normally under 25s don’t earn more, so why should they pay more? Yes the insurance company will charge more if there is an insurance claim, but the daily rate remains the same at ANZED, no matter if you are under 25 over 25 or even over 65.

What does insurance cost. $0

Full Comprehensive insurance is included in

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the Daily rate quoted, so nothing extra is added onto the quoted price.

What is the Insurance excess? It is sometimes referred to as the Deductible.

It is the amount that has to be paid if the car is damaged (Severely), it is often said you have to pay the first… in this case NZ$2000+Gst, unless you are under 25 or on a provisional, (Less than full) drivers licence, where the insurance company charges an extra $1000+Gst. In recent years there has only been one insurance claim made to cover a customer for damage made, and no excess was taken as the other driver was at fault, let’s hope we can keep that record!

Can I reduce my liability? Yes, you can opt to reduce your insurance excess,

for a Nominal $10/day you can reduce your liability to NZ$200+Gst. We do not offer a $0 excess option, this results in less damage to the vehicles and better savings for everyone, and of course fewer awkward conversations on the return of the car. For an additional $2 per day you can have Zero excess on glass.

What happens if I hit someone else’s car, am I covered? Yes.

The comprehensive cover has got your back, if there is no other driver involved the excess may vary a little, but you can have peace of mind you won’t be left with a huge bill.

What does it cost to get from the Airport to your office? $0

It is all part of the ‘ANZED Service’ Personal and Friendly, from a local family business. We will meet you at the Airport Door, or if you have arrived by train or chosen to have some sleep before picking up your car I can pick you up anywhere within the City.

What happens if the car breaks down? Just a Quick call.

ANZED has a reliability record second to none, if there was to be an issue the local breakdown service is only a phone call away, and so am I, with a network of contacts I can have any issued sorted quickly. Not that we have had this system tested, as our well-maintained vehicles have not given trouble.