Teh Subaru Estate/Station Wagon is a legend in New Zealand for comfort, reliability, style and function. 4WD / 4x4 makes the Subaru super versitile, great for Hiking, Tramping Mountaineering anything you do where you need a little more space and the added security of All / 4 Wheel Drive

We have Legacy and Outback Station Wagons (or Estate Cars) which are favourites with those who like to take the road less traveled. With Blinds and tints to keep valuables out of sight they are a great option for those who are touring.

Subaru famously manage to make the move from sedan to the spacious Wagon without losing the driving dynamics or quiet comfort of the sedan. With Tiptronic Transmission you get the best of both worlds, the ease of Automatic with the control of the manual, making these Subarus a very enjoyable drive.

Subarus are used the world over by the Ski Set, their comfort and the assurance of All Wheel Drive make them ideal for getting up the mountains. Comfortably seating 5, get a few mates together or bring the family to see what New Zealand’s South Island has to offer.

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