The World’s Favourite Roadster is now available to you.

Jeremy Clarkson describes it as “The best British Sports car ever made”

If you are looking for a little fun, have an idea for a great date, or just want something a little less ordinary the Mazda MX5 is for you.  Mazda got it right when they designed the MX5 Miata, Nimble handling, great power to weight and reliability.  Everything you want, and nothing you don’t.  Yes

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it does have a little boot, it’s a sports car it is suppose to, but if you are flying international you will be traveling light any way.

The first generation MX5, like the Datsun 240Z and Series 1 RX7, has earned it’s place in motoring history by changing the way we view Sports Cars and is considered a classic in it’s own right.  Like the other cars I have just compared it with the First Generation is the purest, lightest, most nimble member of the family line.  Like humans perhaps, as a car model ages and grows up, designers tend to make them bigger, fatter, heavier, less agile and more complex, feeling they need to put more ‘stuff’ in to persuade the customers to update.  Our First edition Mazda MX5 it one of the most rewarding drives money can buy, and with many fantastic and largely deserted roads to enjoy New Zealand is a great place to experience one for yourself.

Why Rent boring, you’re on Holiday, rent FUN!

Our MX5s are the NA model, with responsive 1600 Twin cam engine, 5 Speed Manual Transmission, only 2 seats, for added fun, and a top that comes down to really enjoy all there is in New Zealand.  Features include Air Con , Powersteering, Stereo with connectivity and a convertible top!

A Pure Driving Experience!