All our vehicles come with Comprehensive Insurance and Roadside assistance at no extra cost.

All vehicles are covered by the AA’s excellent Roadside services, which are only a phone call away.

We take pride in presenting and maintaining our vehicles to the very highest of standards.

We have a great range of vehicles with a model to meet most needs and budgets,  From a 1.3 round town hatch to an 8 seat MPV with 4 wheel drives, luxury sedans and more in between.

Our most popular model is the amazing Nissan Tiida compact sedan, small on the outside, huge on the inside.  I enjoy watching peoples faces when I pick them up. They look at the car from the outside and think ‘we will never get our big suitcases in there’, then as I open the boot their jaws drop as they gaze into the cavernous space within.  Now they are thinking “well there must be no leg room”, but they are always pleasantly surprised when they hop in. – Tiida, the BIG little car.

One thing to remember when visiting New Zealand is that although we are an island, we are not flat, in fact to get to most spots of interest will require crossing mountain passes.  Don’t be worried the roads are great, but consider you may want a car with a little more power, and that

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a smaller engine does not necessarily mean less fuel consumption, particularly if you are having to push it harder on those hills, especially if you are planning on loading it up with people and gear.  Just something to think about when deciding which car fits you best.