What others say about us

Customer service and thus satisfaction is very important to me.

My goal is the best experience of New Zealand possible for my customers. As I am often the first real Kiwi contact for visitors I feel it is important to ensure they get a great greeting and introduction to our lovely country.

At ANZED you can expect to get both personal attention and personalised service.  If you are here for the fishing, that will be the focus, conversely if you are on a family holiday, points of interest and fascinating locations suitable to the age of your party will be the focus, if you are into the out-doors then that will be the focus, if you are looking for some awesome roads to explore let me help you fine those.  I have lived here all my life and have a love affair with the place, from where to get the best ice-creams, to which roads are worth the extra mile and which would be better avoided.

Keep checking back as we review different experiences and locations around the South.

Please take the time to read the Hundreds of reviews from our wonderful customers, there are many on rankers.co.nz, and you can find a link to this on the front page.  Rankers is an independent local Web site, set up to help visitors find New Zealand experiences and destinations they are interested in.

Here are a selection of reviews to let you know what visitors say about our service – ANZED is not your usual rental car experience.

Colin Miller

Ranking: 10/10

Hired a car from ANZED in Sept ’18 for a 12 day drive around the South Island. Great company to deal with. The car, whilst not new, was in great working order, and did the job very competently. Vaughan, the owner of ANZED was helpful in any way possible. He picked us up from the airport, then took us to his office & sat down with us for about half an hour giving me very valuable advice for our upcoming adventure. I had an ipod that I was keen to use in the car for our long drives, and he went to a lot of trouble to make sure it connected to the car’s audio system. He also provided us with a mobile phone, and an esky, both free of charge. At the end of our trip, we took the car back to the ANZED office, and Vaughan then dropped us at the airport. Great service indeed, couldn’t ask for more. Much better than the impersonal service you receive from the larger companies. I totally recommend you give ANZED a try if you intend to hire a car in New Zealand.

Reviewed about 1 month ago

Patrick Campos


Ranking: 10/10

Overall, I would say that my experience with Anzed Rentals was very memorable and great. Having a human element definitely makes things better. No need to think twice before recommending Anzed to others.

Starting with the rental inquiry, Vaughan and his wife already proactively reaches out to their customer. This time, as it was our first time going to NZ, we definitely bombarded them with questions from what car to actually get, how about additional drivers, the need for snow chains, any other suggested places to go, etc.. Here Vaughan was very accommodating and always responds in a timely manner. Already from this interaction we can already see the level of service that they provide and so we are sold to continue with our car rental with Anzed.

For the SUV we got the Jeep Compass, we were fetched from the airport by Mary, since Vaughan was a on a trip during that time, then we went to their garage to have the documents arranged. During this time we were offered again if we want to take any of the stuff that they let the renters borrow like chillers, bottles, rice cooker, etc. Of course we got the chiller for food storage to be used for the daily driving to be done. Giving the car back was easy as well as Vaughan went to the place we were staying even though it is already around 9pm on a weekend to pick up the car, also here I mentioned that we would like to get a smaller car after one day which he already arranged for us.

For the small car we got the Mazda Demio, we again were fetched from the place we were staying which I believe is already quite far, then arrange the documents back at their garage. He also took us around the city for a bit telling the story of what happened during the big earthquakes. When returning the car, we just drove it back to the garage then Vaughan drove us

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to the airport.

The cars we got, albeit not the latest or fancy, are very well maintained and was pleasure to drive along the nice roads through the South Island. Till next time!!

Reviewed 4 months ago

Christian Knigge

Ranking: 10/10

My wife and I spent 4 months in New Zealand in the first half of 2018, since I was able to visit the University of Canterbury for a semester under their Erskine Fellowship programme. We were keen to have an inexpensive, but clean and reliable rental car for the entire period. Since this was going to be a significant investment, we did a lot of internet research and found that Anzed Rentals had not just the best prices for long-term rentals, but also by far the best customer reviews of any car rental company. We therefore decided to go with them, and we were not disappointed.

From the off, Vaughan was excellent in all of his communications with us, responding very promptly and helpfully to email enquiries. We spent most of our time living in Christchurch, but also went on two extended road trips. The first, longer one was a 2.5-week tour around the South Island. The car we had settled on as ideal for Christchurch was an older model (Mazda) Demio. However, we were a little concerned about using this for our long road trip, since the boot space in this car has no cover, so our suitcases would be visible. When we mentioned this, Vaughan offered to let us use a different (more expensive) car with a covered boot for the trip, at no extra cost! He also offered to provide camping gear etc for our trip (again, all for free), and was fantastic in picking us up from the airport on arrival and dropping us off there again on the day of our departure. On top of this, he came into the office especially for us early on a Saturday at the beginning of our second road trip, in order to make sure we had snow chains and knew how to use them.

The bottom line is that we can’t recommend Anzed highly enough. They really are fantastic — they offer brilliant value for money, and their customer service is in a completely different league from your standard large-chain car rental companies. We’ll definitely use them again if we return to NZ.

Reviewed 6 months ago

Filip Ausmaa


Ranking: 10/10

My partner and I had the pleasure of renting a car for three weeks from Anzed. We have rented cars from many different companies in many different parts of the world, and never had a better experience than with Anzed. From communication before the travel date, to the (very early) pick-up from the airport and all through the rental time to the date we left, Jill & Vaughan were just great.

It was the most personal experience I’ve had with a rental company and I would recommend Anzed to anyone.

These are just a couple but give you the idea of who we are, We are not the biggest rental company, that gives us the ability to focus on you as an individual  When you deal with ANZED you deal with the boss, a fellow traveller, wanting to make your experience the best it can be.